Whatsapp for Android Wear

Step-By-Step- Guide To Downloading And Installing Whatsapp On Android Wear

The Android Wear apps have several features that allow you to see important information about time, calls, and alerts. The watch allows you to respond even to your messages even when your watch is not with you.

Android wear requires a phone that is running on Android 4.3+ or an iOS with 8.2+. The supported features may vary between different platforms on Android wears. With the increasing use of Android wear in the market, several apps are also upgrading to support this features. The following is a step-by- step procedure to downloading your WhatsApp app into your Smartphone and connecting it to your android wear smart watch.

Whatsapp for Android Wear1. Downloading the WhatsApp app from the Google play store. Through an active internet connection, you can download the Whatsapp app from the Google play store. You must have a Google account that is linked with your Smartphone. From your device open the Google play store app. Tap the search button and type the app name e.g. WhatsApp.

The recently updated WhatsApp has several features it supports like WhatsApp web and many more features for Whatsapp android wear. Select the item and tap to install for a free app. By following the onscreen instructions click to install the app, and it will be downloaded and installed in your Smartphone. For paid for apps, select the add payment option, and your payment method is added to your Google account.

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2. Installing the WhatsApp app.

Most Android Smartphone will automatically download the app from the Google play store and install it on your phone. The app may have downloaded using the Android browser or Google Chrome. Go to the apps drawer and click the download option. You can find the file you just downloaded. Click on the app and select the install option. If the app file downloaded is from a computer, the procedure is different as you have first to transfer the file to your Smartphone. The record is most likely to go the received data. Retrieve the WhatsApp app file transferred and click the open to install access option. The app will install, and a WhatsApp icon will appear on your home screen display.

3. Configuring the smart watch android wear to Smartphone or computer

For you to be able to use WhatsApp on a smart watch, it has to be first connected to a Smartphone or a computer. It’s the first thing to using your WhatsApp on your Android wear. The android wear application must be installed into in the Smartphone. This application allows the phone to accept and permits all the requests sent from your smart wear. Activate the Bluetooth and synchronize devices to enable the Android app Wear installed to search for nearby devices. Once the search is complete, select your smart watches android wear and connect. One your Smartphone and smart watch android wear gets paired; you can proceed to settings and select notifications. Choose the option on the android wear. The app will display the various settings option available.

4. Using the WhatsApp app from your Android Wear

After you have configured your smart watch android wear, you can use your smart wear to reply WhatsApp messages. The apps installed in your Smartphone will be visible from the android wear. Enable the debug mode on your wear by clicking on the setting options. This option will allow you to view the apps installed in your Smartphone. Scroll to the WhatsApp icon and access its services from your device.

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