Whatsapp on CHROME

Whatsapp on ChromeYou have the ability to maximize the power of the famous WhatsApp on your Chromebook.

Just in case you haven’t heard of this app, it is a cloud-based messenger service and it allows user to be able to exchange their pictures, videos and even messages all for no cost. Chromebook is a revolutionary laptop system that is popping up on computers all over the place. Many want to install and use WhatsApp on their Chromebook without issue.

To gain access to the cutting-edge technology and be able to use this app, you will need to follow some simple guidelines. First, Samsung’s Chromebook needs an internet connection to install. Second, you must have the Bluestacks application to be able to install WhatsApp.

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First, download Bluestacks by going to the link. After you have finished the downloading process, you can simply proceed to downloading WhatsApp.

Bluestacks is one of many Android emulators that are needed. Without it, you won’t be able to install anything like this app on the system. Follow the simple instructions and download the WhatsApp and it’s that easy. Now, when it comes to security settings, there are a few things that you should make note of. Once installed, users can chat in their messaging sessions and don’t be surprised to find a stranger or two. If this happens, you simply need to block unknown group members from seeing your profile and your messages. Thankfully, this app provides this extra layer of protection. It can be changed back to public in the blink of an eye, should you want to send out a public message. Sending blind carbon copy messages and other functions are easy with this app.
chrome bookThe Chromebook gives many of its users functions that are beneficial. For instance, the default time stamp will tell the other members when the last time you accessed your information. People who are on the WhatsApp for Chromebook can schedule back-ups of all their chats and any media files they might have. As a user, you have the ability to archive files. This can be done after you uninstall and reinstall the app. If you’re tech savvy, like most people these days, you’re probably worried about security. WhatsApp has made many advances to ensure that security is a big deal with its users. They maintain safe systems that protect messages and media files. They ensure their customers’ privacy is not violated in anyway.

Another great feature is once you install this app is that it can be locked. That means you can protect yourself by adding a password and a security pin to gain entrance. Since not everyone uses this system the same, the levels of security may vary greatly. You can create a shortcut to your favorite contact or group. You can send target messages from your computer without opening the WhatsApp icon. If you happen to have to change your phone number, you don’t have to reinstall to make it work. It will migrate to the account, new number and all. Best of all, the chat history and everything will be kept intact. WhatsApp is one of the greatest messaging and social media type apps around.

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