Whatsapp for GINGERBREAD

Whatsapp for gingerbreadWhat’s new The Whatsapp for Gingerbread?

The whatsapp replaces ordinary SMS messaging applications. Whatsapp allows free messaging to others who also have the Whatsapp for Gingerbread. Users of the app can send pictures as well as videos via any Wi-Fi device and 3G or 4G internet connection.

Whatsapp for Gingerbread works on many devices and allows users to chat with another user or many users on their contact list. The app user should need to tell one or multiple members on their list something important or urgent. Users can simply send the message to an individual or have a conference messaging session with multiple users at the same time.

Some of the great features of the whatsapp are things like it tracks and shares the user’s location. There are now new and fun emoticons users can use during their instant messaging. This app makes messaging fun and personalized. Furthermore the new push to talk allows users to talk instantly with voice messages.

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Whatsapp for gingerbread allows users to view other contacts that are also using the whatsapp so they can interact.

Of course in order to use the whatsapp for gingerbread you and the other users must have the whatsapp for gingerbread. The whatsapp for gingerbread is free to download and use for one year. After the first initial year there is a reasonable fee to continue using the whatsapp for gingerbread. The subscription is well worth the fee.

Whatsapp for gingerbread is user friendly and compatible with almost all platforms and Wi-Fi enabled device. This app can be downloaded on to personal computers and Android program devices. Cell phones such as Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Blackberry.

Messaging is faster, fun free and allows users to be interactive with other users of the whatsapp for gingerbread. Furthermore any user of this app can pay for others that do not have the whatsapp for gingerbread to join and use the app. This allows friends and family and acquaintances to interact with each other if they do not have the app.
Therefore if you are looking for a faster easier way to message with many new fun features then by all means download the free Whatsapp for Gingerbread.

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