Whatsapp for Blackberry Curve 9320

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is a smartphone that has one touch launches, so you can easily transition into chatting in real time, share pictures, videos and files. It has 320 by 240 pixels. The BlackBerry Curve has a 3MP video recorder. It’s display size is 2.44 inches.It is a device with shortcut keys. You can also plan meetings with group messages, or chat one on one privately with no fuss.

For more specifications on the device you can click here. You can download many of your favorite mobile applications like Facebook, Twitter and more through your BlackBerry App World storefront. A great feature is that anytime you download an application you can easily announce it to your BlackBerry contacts so they can connect with you. Your contacts can easily download it themselves if they haven’t done so.
Blackberry Curve 9320
WhatsApp is a popular application among teens, adults and professionals. It allows users to chat via realtime messaging. No need to wait for a text to go through when you have the ease of chatting with someone and hearing from them immediately. The WhatsApp can be downloaded to your BlackBerry Curve 9320 using three different methods. One is through the browser, the BlackBerry application store or a QR code.

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When you download the application through the web browser you type http://whatsapp.com/ota into your browser. Then you simply click download. Once the download is complete you will leave the browser and go to the menu. It will provide you with further details on what you need to do to make sure your WhatsApp is installed and works correctly.

If you choose to download WhatsApp from the BlackBerry App World you click on the WhatsApp messenger in the application store. Once you select it, click download and put in your BlackBerry ID. It will then lead you through a few additional steps to make sure it has been installed and works correctly.

A QR code is a great way to download the application. Open your QR code reader and make sure to aim the camera at the WhatsApp QR code. It will then open in your BlackBerry App World. Click download and type in your BlackBerry ID. It will then take you through a few additional steps to finalize the process.

After each of these options your WhatsApp account will be associated with your BlackBerry ID. All of your contacts will be scanned and anyone that used this application will be added to your WhatsApp contact list.

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