Whatsapp for Blackberry Passport

The Blackberry Passport was released in September of 2014. It currently runs the Blackberry OS 10.3. It has a Quad-Core 2.26GHZ Krait 400 CPU, an Adreno 330 GPU, 3 GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera, and 32 GB of storage. It also has an SD card slot that allows it to have an additional 128 GB of storage space. It comes with a built in GPS, Wi-Fi, FM radio and comes with a QWERTY keyboard.
Blackberry Passport
To install Whatsaspp on the Blackberry Passport, the first step is to make sure your OS is updated to the 10.3.2 version. This can be done by going to your phone’s settings and and then software updates. Click on Check for Updates and it will update you to the latest version of the OS.

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Once you have finished, you can now install Whatsapp. Get on your phone and go to Blackberry World. From there you will look at the top of the screen and swipe down the menu bar. Tap on Settings, then General, then Refresh Blackberry World. After that, you will turn off the phone for 30 seconds and then turn it back on.

Once the phone is back up and running, you go back to Blackberry World and tap on the search field. Type in Whatsapp and it should pop up as an app. Click on it to download and install the app.

You can also install Whatsapp through the phone’s browser. To do this you will want to click on your phone’s internet browser. You can use the built in one, or use one you have downloaded such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Either way, you will want to click on this link and it will take you the page to download the app. Remember, this link will only work on your phone’s browser.

If you want to download the app through your PC, you can use Blackberry Link while the phone is connected to your computer. Just plug your phone into the PC using a USB cable and run the Blackberry Link software. From there, you can download the Whatsapp software and sync it to your phone. The computer will give you step by step instructions once you download the software through your PC.