WhatsApp for iOS: you can now ask Siri to read out your unread messages

WA for iOS and SiriA major update is available for iOS users of WhatsApp. Thanks to this latest 2.17.2 version of the app, anyone running iOS 10.3 will be finally able to ask Siri to read out loud their latest unread messages.

Furthermore, this great new feature is not the only improvement added to the iOS platform of the app. The latest update adds also the ability to select multiple statuses to forward or revoke from the My Updates screen. Also the old Voice Call icon has changed, and has been replaced with a “+” icon. This new icon, once tapped, shows a list of contacts for placing both voice and video calls.

WhatsApp next updates may add Change Number and Live Location features

WA Change numberGreat news for WhatsApp users. According to @WABetainfo Twitter account, the popular instant messaging app may add two new features on both its Android and Windows Phone versions: Change Number and Live Location.

If @WABetainfo is correct as usual, the new Change Number option has already been added to the new 2.17.130 Beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users and it seems obvious that this new feature will soon be available also for Android devices. Why is this feature so important? Because it will make it much, much easier to change your mobile phone number, and without losing your previous chats or group data.

WhatsApp for Android: new edit features with the latest Beta versions

WA new edit featuresFurther improvements are available for WhatsApp users. This popular cross-platform instant messaging app lately is changing a lot, since its developers are frequently releasing updates such as file sharing or the new Status feature.

Today we are going to talk about the new 2.17.147 and 2.17.148 Beta versions which are available for Android users.

Beta version 2.17.147
Along with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, thanks to this latest update, users will be able to crop and rotate media to the position they prefer. How can you use this latest feature? It’s quite straightforward: the new rotate option is located on the top right corner. Now, with this new option, it will be much easier to rotate and crop the images you receive from your contacts.

WhatsApp: a new data-sharing deal with Facebook may be very close to completion

data sharing plansIt seems that WhatsApp (that is currently the most used instant messaging app, with more than one billion active users all over the world) and Facebook (who is also the owner of WhatsApp) are thinking again about sharing their users data. Recent news report that a new data-sharing deal is very close to completion.

Despite what happened last year, soon after WhatsApp’s announcement to change its privacy policy, it appears that at the end WhatsApp has decided to share its users data with Facebook. As a result, WhatsApp users could experience again great concerns about their privacy. What’s happening?

WhatsApp is planning to test a peer-to-peer payment system in India

Peer to peer paymentIt appears that for WhatsApp a new, important era is beginning. According to recent rumours, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app will introduce in the next six months a new peer-to-peer feature that will allow WhatsApp users digital payments.

We know that the app is used all over the world and has currently more than one billion active users, but the test will start from India. News website The Ken reported on Tuesday these rumours, stating that the app is working to launch person-to-person payments in India in the next six months, unfortunately without citing the sources of the information.

WhatsApp for Android: the new 2.17.123 Beta version is already available for download

WA dor Android new betaA new update is available for Android users of WhatsApp. This Facebook-owned instant messaging app is currently one of the most popular all over the world, and the increasing number of users (already more than one billion worldwide) it’s the clear sign of its success.

We all know that WhatsApp is a multiplatform instant messaging app, and it can easily be installed on Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. But we also know that the favourite platform of WhatsApp users is Android, so it’s logic that this is the platform that receives most of the updates.

WhatsApp: the next major update could be real annoying for its users

WA 29 marchWhat is happening to WhatsApp? We all know that the Facebook-owned instant messaging app (the most popular around the world, with more than one billion active users), has recently introduced several updates and that it is trying very hard to beat competitors giving its users new useful features.

But not all of them have been completely appreciated, on the contrary. For example the new Status feature, the option similar to Instagram Stories, that allows to customize your status with emojis and handwritten annotations, and that disappears after just 24 hours. After receiving many complaints by users, WhatsApp have had to re-introduce the original Status feature along with the new one.