WhatsApp vs. Viber vs. WeChat: What Is the Best Messaging App?

Now that instant messaging has become an important part of many people’s lives, a vital question arises—what is the best messaging app? Is it WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber or something else, such as Facebook Messenger, or is there no difference between these popular solutions?

The tech media do not seem to provide any answers to these questions because they seem to be just as divided as everybody else. Therefore we’ll take a look at the arguments for all the apps and let you make up your mind.

Couria for WhatsApp

Jailbreaking an iPhone is one of the toughest chores that users of solutions such as WhatsApp face. For those of you not down with geek speak, to jailbreak means to remove safeguards from a phone that prevent the installation of solutions such as WhatsApp .

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Well, now there is a handy solution that makes jailbreaking a smartphone faster and easier than ever before. It is Couria, a jailbreak tweak that makes installing WhatsApp far easier than ever before.

Why You Might Need to Jailbreak Your iPhone

How to Encrypt WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging solutions around, it is far from the most secure. Recent news stories indicate that WhatsApp has become a popular target for all manner of cyber predators, including data thieves, hackers, blackmailers, and fraudsters.

Not surprisingly, a lot of users would like to know how to make WhatsApp more secure. In particular, they would like to know how to encrypt the messaging solution to keep unwanted visitors from getting access to their data.

WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp Messenger is steadily getting popular as an alternative to the stock SMS service offered by many smartphones. With this app, you can send virtually unlimited text messages and even send photos or include emoticons for (almost) free. It works through 3G or WiFi.
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The app is even ad-free so no annoyance while using it. It comes with a (little) price though. It would be free to download this App for Android and you can use it for only 1 year for free. whatsapp-for-pcAfterwards, you’ll have to pay a $0.99 subscription fee to continue using it. The power of WhatsApp is in its large network. While the exact number of subscribers is not disclosed, Google play has recorded 1.2 billion downloads of the app (Skype has 650 million; Viber has 300 million). Furthermore, it is available for iOS, Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows phones. This app eliminates the need for a text plan which can significantly reduce expenses especially when messaging people from other countries.

Whatsapp vs Hike: What are the Differences?

Whatsapp vs HikeWhatsApp is often compared to different pieces of messenger software, but comparing it to Hike has caused reviewers some difficulties because of how similar the two apps really are.

WhatsApp and Hike are both geared toward the same type of user, and both offer competitive options that many people use. This means that personal preference might have a lot to do with what choice individual users ultimately make.

WhatsApp vs Kik: Which is Better?

WhatsApp vs KikWhatsApp has become a household name in recent years, but Kik has recently threatened to take away some of the market share this instant messaging giant carved out. Kik is growing by leaps and bounds.

Unlike apps like Hike or Line, Kik appeals to as wide a customer base as WhatsApp does. This has made it popular with those who are currently displeased with WhatsApp and have been looking for some kind of an alternative.

WhatsApp vs Line: Who is the Winner?

WhatsApp vs LineThe marketplace dominance WhatsApp enjoys has recently been challenged by Line. Some users are thinking of making the switch, but they should be aware of the fact that Line is radically different from WhatsApp in several ways.

The software was designed for an international audience and also includes some cute functions that are drastically different from the more business-oriented functions that WhatsApp provides users with. Line and WhatsApp might very well appeal to completely different market segments.

Comparing the Two Programs