Whatsapp Vs Tango – What is the best?

Viber-Whatsapp-TangoWhatsApp has got some real competition these days with similar apps popping up. One of its competitors is Tango. While the services have many similarities, they also have some marketable differences. Here are five points that you should consider when choosing one of these services.

Cell Phone Vs Computer
WhatsApp is an application that is made for the cell phone only. This means that you cannot use it on a tablet or computer system. Tango allows its users to utilize their services from a computer, tablet or cell phone. The versatility in this application makes it appealing. You don’t need a SIM card for Tango and it’s not connected to the phone number. Tablet users will also be thrilled to know that there is a special version of the Tango app that is enhanced just for tablet users.

Whatsapp vs Viber: Who is king of the messaging apps?

Whatsapp vs ViberWhatsapp vs Viber
In the world of instant messaging apps, there are a lot of fierce competitions. Two of the more popular apps are Whatsapp and Viber. Both apps do the same thing, but each of them has different features. Which app is better for you? In this comparison, we will test five areas to see where these apps shine and which one is the better one.

Whatsapp Vs Whatsapp Plus – What are the differences?

Whatsapp PlusMost people use the popular WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Plus is an extended version that allows users to have extra features. WhatsApp Plus is tremendously popular and deciding which one to use may not be easy. How Is WhatsApp Plus Different? For starters, WhatsApp Plus is fundamentally an improved version of WhatsApp. It is designed to give you the extras you need to customize and tweak your experience. So which one is better, here are some differences in the two?

Whatsapp VS WeChat: A Full Review of These Top Two Instant Messaging Programs

Whatsapp VS WeChatUsers might be torn between WeChat and Whatsapp simply because they’re two of the most popular instant messaging programs available today.

The two pieces of software differ in five key areas. Answering the question of which one is better will depend on what people intend to do with them. People who are into social networking and using their mobile devices for fun will appreciate the variety of functions that come with WeChat. Individuals who want to use their devices for work or who just need to stay in touch might want to opt for the more simplistic Whatsapp software.

WhatsApp VS iMessage: What’s the Best Instant Messaging App for iPhone Users?

WhatsApp VS iMessageThose trying to decide between WhatsApp and iMessage have several facets to consider, but interestingly enough the price isn’t really one of them. Most iPhones come preloaded with iMessage, and purchasing WhatsApp will only put users back 99 cents. This means that the programs can be judged based solely on their merits, and not on cost.

Five Biggest Differences between WhatsApp and iMessage

Whatsapp vs Instagram: who posts a better pic?

Whatsapp vs InstagramWhatsapp vs Instagram
In the battle for the best social sharing app, there is a new contender. Whatsapp is shaping up to be a one-stop shop for sharing content with all your friends.

In this comparison, we shall see which is the better app for sharing your lives via photos. Instagram has been around for a few years and has been the top instant photo sharing app on your mobile phone. Whatsapp is gaining a lot of ground in this area. Will Whatsapp de-throne Instagram as top app for photo-sharing? There are five key areas in which we will compare these two apps.