How to create Group Chats on WhatsApp

How to create Group Chats on WhatsAppWhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, perhaps the most famous. It includes many features, some of which are very useful, such as, for example, the possibility to create Group Chats. Groups in which, in practice, you can include more than two people and be able to talk with several people at once without having to contact them one at a time. This function is very useful for those who, for example, are part of a team and want to send some information to the other members, or receiving messages from them without having to spend money on text messages and calls. So, this is just one of many functions that WhatsApp offers and that render it different from text messaging.

But how do you create a group chat on WhatsApp? Easy, follow this guide on how to create a group on WhatsApp and in no time you will have your group chat with your contacts and friends to whom you can send communications and information addressed to them. Requirements: a smartphone that supports WhatsApp; WhatsApp installed on the phone.  And now the procedure: Open the application of WhatsApp and press the menu button on your smartphone. Now select “Create Group”. From there a new menu will open where you have to enter the name you want to give to the group and the official image that the group will have. After entering these details, click on the “Next” button at the top right. Now you just have to insert all the contacts that you want to add to the group and then click the “Create” key located at the top right. From now on, every time you write something in this group chat, the message will reach all the components and they can do the same.

For the group chat it is always important to keep in mind certain features of the application: the maximum number of participants in a group chat is 50 and you can create up to 50 groups. Only the group owner can add people to the chat group, and remember that when you create a group, you are automatically designated as its owner.

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If you are the owner but you decide to leave the group, WhatsApp will assign a new owner at random among the participants. Only that person can add you again to the group chat. Also for removing contacts from a group you necessary have to be the owner.  The procedure to remove members from an existing group chat is as follows: 1) Open the group chat. 2) Tuch the title of the group from the info screen group. 3) Touch and hold the name of the participant you want to delete. 4) Select Remove Participant from the menu.
When you decide to leave a group of WhatsApp, the other members will just see a message informing them about your decision to leave the group. Let’s see how you can leave a group chat. First of all Open WhatsApp and go to the Chat screen. Now, Touch the icon to select the chat you want to delete. Touch Delete and then Yes to confirm.

There is the possibility for all the members of the group to change the icon and choose one that best represents all the participants in that conversation, here is the procedure: open the group chat; touch the current icon of the group; select Edit and then select Reset, Take a picture, Select existing or Search on the internet; choose whether to use the camera, the gallery or finding a picture on the web.

You can also mute the notifications group for a period of time. You will still continue to receive messages sent to the group, but your phone will not notify you of their receipt. To silence a group of whatapp follow these simple steps: open the group chat; touch Title Group from the screen Info Group; touch Mute; Select the desired time interval.

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