How to customize WhatsApp on your smartphone

How to customize WhatsApp on your smartphoneYou were tired of spending money on SMS and were looking for a different way to send text messages without being obliged to change your telephone operator. So your friends suggested to install WhatsApp. Despite your relationship with smartphones is not really idyllic, you followed their advice and now you are very happy to use this famous app.

It was not very difficult to learn to use the basic functions of WhatsApp, and now you would like to expand your knowledge learning, for example, how to customize the app on your phone. For example, you would like to change the size of the font, or the background of chat conversations as well as some other details, but you do not know how to do it. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple. Following this guide you will discover that customizing WhatsApp is much easier than you think. Just use the settings of the app and you’re done.

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First of all, let’s start seeing how to customize WhatsApp changing the background image of the conversations. If you want to change the background theme of WhatsApp with a personal photo, or with an image downloaded from the Internet or with one of the wallpaper included in the application, you just have to open the settings. If you are an iPhone user, you simply have to press Settings (located on the bottom right). If  you use Android, you have to press the menu button (the icon with the three dots at the top right) and then touch Settings from the box that appears.

Now, go to Chat Settings and click on the menu relating to the background. At this point you can choose if you prefer to change the default background with a picture from your phone (option photos on iPhone, Documents option on Android). If you want  you can also choose something from the Library backgrounds of WhatsApp. In the latter case, the iPhone will have a package ready to use as wallpaper. On Android you’ll be asked to download a package of images from the Internet.

Whatever your decision, select the image that you like the most and the changes will be immediately displayed. If you are not convinced of your choice, you can always reconsider it and restore the default background provided by WhatsApp simply selecting the Restore background button on the iPhone, or clicking on the Default button in the Android version of the app (still in the selection screen of the wallpaper).

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