How to download WhatsApp for Android for free

WhatsApp Messenger, as you know, is an instant messaging application created to send text messages for free. After you have installed the application, you’ll notice that in WhatsApp you have available the same address book contained in your smartphone.
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The app will automatically display the contacts who already use it and to which you can send SMS. If you are a new user, the service is on free trial for the first year. whatsapp for android for freeAfter this free trial period, you can purchase the service for just $0.99 USD a year (less than one Euro per year). To use WhatsApp you simply need an Internet connection, and that’s why it’s cheaper then text messages and you don’t have additional costs. And that’s not all. In fact with WhatsApp you can share videos, music. pictures, very easily and in no time. Furthermore you can create group chats with your friends, colleagues and family.

As we were saying the first year is completely free, and now, if you are and Android user, you can have it for free forever. Let’s see how to do it. The first step is to install one of those two app: BlackMart Alpha or Aptoide. BlackMart Alpha in an alternative to Google Play Store for tablets and smartphones with Android operating system. From Blackmart it is possible to download several apps, and you won’t need a Google account.

Aptoid is another marketplace for mobile applications running with Android operating system. Aptoid is not a centralized store, as each user organises its own store. So, after you have installed Blackmart or Aptoid,  you just need to open the app you have choosen. Once it’s opened you have to go to search and write “WhatsApp”.

Be careful to find the original application, as in the internet there are many “fake” versions. Once identified it, you can download, install and open it. That’s all! From now on you have WhatsApp installed on your device, and you can use it for free.

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