How to login to WhatsApp from pc

How to login to WhatsApp from pcYou are very excited because you have discovered that now you can use WhatsApp also from your computer. So you look for the link to download the program but can not find it. Why? It’s true that you can use WhatsApp from the pc, but it is not an application. In fact it is a web service accessible from browsers, precisely from Chrome, Firefox and Opera (Safari and Internet Explorer for the moment are not supported).

Another important thing to note is that the site only works when WhatsApp is running on your smartphone and only if the phone is connected to the Internet. It is also necessary to remember that the service is not yet available for iPhone users (apparently for the restrictions imposed by Apple in iOS) while on Android, Windows Phone and all other software platforms there are not problems. So, to install WhatsApp on your PC simply follow these steps.

Open WhatsApp Web using Chrome, Firefox or Opera; starts the application of WhatsApp on your phone, press the menu button (the icon with the three dots at the top right) and select the voice WhatsApp Web. Subsequently, tap the OK button. At this point a QR Reader will pop up on your phone; point this at your PC screen in order to read the code and you are automatically logged into WhatsApp on the web. Once logged in, using WhatsApp on your PC is really, really easy.

The service is the perfect copy of the user interface application for smartphones and automatically synchronizes all contents with the latter: discussions, contacts etc. You can even activate notifications and view them directly on the desktop of your computer: just click on Activate desktop notifications, which is located in the upper left, and allow the browser to display alerts. At this point there is not much left to explain.

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In the left sidebar you can find the list of recent chats and buttons to start a new conversation and access the settings of the service (the three dots). By clicking on a contact name or on the title of a chat, you can continue the discussion just like on smartphone by inserting, if necessary, also emoticons (smiley icon in the lower left) and image attachment (the paper clip icon in top right). You can even customize your status by clicking on your picture in the top left corner and entering the status that you want to show to your friends choosing from the menu on the left sidebar.

If you use an Android smartphone unlocked by the root procedure, then you can control the computer with AirDroid WhatsApp. This is a free application that allows you to manage messages, contacts, photos and exchange files between Android devices and computers (Windows and Mac) wirelessly. Among its functions there is also the remote control of smartphones and tablet computers, with which you can use WhatsApp and receive notifications comfortably seated at your PC. If you want to download AirDroid on yuor PC, you can find all the instrusctions on the website of the software.

There are also other softwares that allow you to run applications for Android directly on your computer, for example BlueStacks Android Player or x86, but because of the limitations of WhatsApp they can not be used while maintaining active access to the service also on your smartphone: you should repeat continuously the activation process of your account, sometimes on the computer, sometimes on the phone.

So, for the moment, WhatsApp Web seems to be the best solution.

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