How to make money with WhatsApp

far soldi con whatsappIn this new millennium, the online communication possibilities have seen new developments, starting from the abandonment of the classic Messenger, to focus on applications more versatile and appealing, even (and especially) for a young audience, and for those always ready to share with friends and acquaintances the details of their days with instant messages. WhatsApp is undoubtedly an important step on the spread of a more pervasive and affordable communication for everyone.

So, can you try to monetize this opportunity? The answer is no: unfortunately WhatsApp does not allow its users to gain money directly from it, regardless of possible affiliations established with special partnership programs with the platform. However, you can earn with some important alternatives to WhatsApp, which are emerging within the messaging and mobile communication. We are talking about Chad2Win and Quack Messenger, and we are going to illustrate their peculiarity.

Although Chad2Win is fairly recent, it quickly became a little, big, phenomenon. This app has been advertised using a a particularly audacious motto, that is “everybody wins”, and is available for iOS and Android platforms. Besides providing free messages, Chad2win allows us to earn modest figures by sending and receiving messages. Chad2Win works in a way which does not vary so much from that of WhatsApp, so we are sure that prospective users will not encounter particular difficulties.

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While we chat with our contacts, occasionally the application will display an advertisement, and we can click to view it in its entirety.  Normally this video is no longer than a few seconds, but looking more advertising we can get to earn much more money (about 30 Euro) thanks to advertisers who publish on Chad2Win. Expanding our profile and indicating personal data, we can also get bonuses on the figures obtained. After the success obtained in Spain, in which hundreds of thousands of users were overwhelmed by the new app, it is now the turn of Italy, which, however, still seems to prefer WhatsApp despite the inability to monetize content and messages exchanged.

Now that WhatsApp offers free calls, a new, interesting app (interesting from the point of view of monetization and earnings) is arrived. It is Quack! Messenger and allows us to gain chatting. This new messenger is an evolution of Chad2Win, which proves to be more suitable to earnings via chat. The compensation is on the “tap” (or click) performed on banner ads shown during the conversation sessions, however, the way of remuneration include also the “impression”, or views of ads, without requiring anything else from the user, which is a definite advantage when it has to do with a banner size of this kind.

As for compensation, Quack! Messenger allows you to make money on a monthly basis, about 20 Euro, with a visualization medium/high of the contents. Among the alternatives that allow you to monetize Android and iOS chats, this is nevertheless an opportunity not to be missed. Payments are made through Paypal, delivering to us a portion of the advertising fees that the creators of the application receive.  The ads shown are often the result of Google Adsense, so some circuits and affiliations are already known to all those who monetize content on the web.

We have thus shown the main ways to make money with alternatives to WhatsApp, waiting that even the most known instant messaging application allows us to have some similar advantage by implementing advertising within applications: so let’s start and make money from now!

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