How to send anonymous messages on WhatsApp

wassameRecently¬† on the internet has arrived a particular service that lets you send messages with WhatsApp on any iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry device anonymously and for free. This service is called Wassame. Wassame allows you to remain anonymous even for what concerns your registration on the site, because once you’ve sent a message, it will be destroyed from the server without leaving a trace.

This service can be very useful. For example in case you need to send communications without showing your phone number. To use this service you simply have to go to the site of Wassame where you will be asked to enter some information such as your email address, your name and a password to access the service. Once you have completed this procedure you will receive a confirmation e-mail on your email box. Open the message and just click on the link contained in it.

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At this point we have to go back to the website of Wassame and click on ‘Communication’ which is located on the left and select ‘Anonymous’. Now a new page will open where you can write the message, enter the phone number and confirm with the control code. You have to remember though that the service allows you to send only one message per day to the same phone number. If you want to send more messages you have to buy a plan from those proposed.

Furthermore, with Wassame you can also send JPEG, PNG and GIF images, up to 5MB, and upload videos up to 20MB. The service also makes it possible to send voice messages and share your GPS position. Developers of Wassame have developed a special algorithm that seems to allow you to filter those messages or images that may be not in line with the conditions of the service.

The possibility to send messages anonymously will surely be appreciated by those concerned about their privacy, and probably in the future the same WhatsApp could decide to include a similar functionality among those of its client. And we know that WhatsApp users are getting quite concerned about their privacy, since this seems to be one of the weaknesses of this popular instant messaging app.

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