How to spy on WhatsApp messages

spiare whatsappWorried parents? Jealous husbands? You repeatedly see your boyfriend or your daughter chatting on WhatsApp with a huge smile on their face and dreamy eyes but you do not know with who they are chatting? In spite of the privacy, now there is a method to spy on the conversation that interests you.

This technique of espionage is called MAC Spoofing and, although it may seem intimidating, it is the safest and the most applied. You just have to make your modem believe that it is the device of the victim, once followed these steps you will have all the conversations that interest you before your eyes.  Unfortunately, our conversations on WhatsApp are not safe, and thanks to the Mac spoofing technique you can spy on conversations, photos, videos and much more from another contact.

The procedure is quite simple and we can run it without any problem.  But before you start the procedure remember, spying another contact is a crime, so follow this procedure only for testing purposes and to ensure the safety of your Android smartphone. Furthermore, you can perform it on both iPhone and Android smartphones in a completely free and safe way.

How to spy on WhatsApp messages (MAC spoofing).   The procedure that we’re going to run may look really hard to follow, but it is sufficient that you exploit a very safe and simple method called MAC spoofing, in other words, using the Media Access Control, which is nothing more than a series of numbers and letters assigned to each modem to connect to the Internet. The technique described misleads the MAC, letting the Modem think to be another device (the one that we are going to spy).

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Spy WhatsApp in 5 steps
The first step is to have a smartphone where we previously installed Whatsapp and have, for about 3 minutes, the phone of the person we want to spy on.  At this point, we need to take a notepad and take note of the MAC address of both our phone and the one we want to spy on. The code consists of a series of numbers and letters such as, for example, 01: B7: 34: F4: 56: AB and, to recover it on Android, you need to go to settings > about phone > status > Wi-Fi MAC address.

Now let’s uninstall WhatsApp from our phone and change the MAC address with the one of the person we want to spy with Busy Box. Let’s reinstall WhatsApp on our device, and upon activation we enter the phone number of the person we want to spy on. Now a confirmation message will arrive addressed to the person we want to spy on, so let’s get again his/her smartphone and lead it into the guided procedure.

Finally you’re done and you can read all the messages of the phone spied, including photos, messages and videos.

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