Whatsapp for G-Star Phones

You’ve just heard about this new app, “WhatsApp” that all your friends are getting on their phones. You want to be cool just like them and definitely don’t want to be the only one sitting at the lunch table, missing out on all the inside jokes because you’re not in the same chat convo as everyone else. You’ve been begging your parents for months to buy you the latest cell phone so that you can be in the loop! Finally, they say, “Yes!”

G-Star PhonesSo you have your g-star phone and you’re ready to embark on the great IM adventure app of all time! You sit down, swipe in your passcode….and stare at the wall.

Where to start?

Here’s where we come in. Following this is the step-by-step guide for downloading WhatsApp to any g-star phone.

First, you won’t find the app in the Google Play section (or whatever your phones applications download forum is). You will have to download the WhatsApp apk file from its official page . You must download the apk file to your computer first and then transfer the file.

To move the file, you can either: 1) use the USB cord that connects to your charger adapter and connects to your laptop or PC; 2) email the apk file to yourself. Ensure you open the email from your phone and/or make sure that you copy and paste the file into your phone’s main memory storage.

Once you have transferred the file, locate your downloads folder on your cell phone and find “WhatsApp.apk. Once you click on it, the installation process will start. Note: you should always connect to a Wireless connection when installing any application or download. It will ensure the most timely way to download the file. The “WhatsApp” will appear in your phone’s central home screen.

Now it’s time to have some fun! Make sure you check in with your friends to ensure that they already have the app on their own devices.

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To add your friends to your WhatsApp contacts, you must first add them to your general phone contacts. Please complete the following:

1. Enter their phone number (just as you would if you making a phone call). Make sure you check that you entered it in correctly (because you don’t want to accidently contact the wrong person…how embarrassing!)

2. When adding a contact’s international number to your phone address book, start with a plus sign (+). Then, write the country code, followed by the full phone number. For example the United States number 123-4567 in area code 408 would be written as +14081234567. (1 is the country code). Make sure to remove any leading 0’s or any special calling codes.

Special Cases: To add your friend in the United Kingdom with the phone number 07981555555, begin with plus and the country code and (+44) and remove the leading 0: +447981555555.

All Argentinian mobile numbers (+54) should have a 9 between the country code and area code. The prefix 15 must also be removed. The final phone number will have 13 digits total: +54 9 xxx xxx xxxx

Mexican numbers need to have a 1 after +52, even if they are Nextel numbers.

3. Once you are finished adding your friends contacts, reopen the WhatsApp and you should see them in your Friends/Contacts list.

Note: If you are unsure of what the international country code is for the country you plan on contacting, go to this page  for a tutorial.

So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing through your friend’s list and find out what’s up in the “WhatsApp”!

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