Whatsapp for hp stream 7

It is easy to see why WhatsApp has become one of the world’s most popular chatting applications, with 450 million users worldwide. The app can be used on virtually any phone, including some of the latest models, such as the Hewlett Packard (HP) Stream 7.
Most readers will be unfamiliar with the HP Stream 7 because it only came out in September 2014. Even though it has some very impressive specifications, the Stream 7 has not been released in all areas yet, although it is being rolled out worldwide now.

The Stream 7 is one of a new class of devices that is halfway between a smartphone and a tablet. It provides users some of the capabilities of a tablet and many of the advantages of a smartphone.

Specifications of HP Stream 7
Basically, the Stream 7 is a smartphone powered by Microsoft Windows, which has some of the most advanced features on the market. The state-of-the-art technology available in the Stream 7 includes:

– A seven-inch HD IPS (high definition in plane switching) touchscreen display.

– A 73735G Intel Atom Processor.

One gigabyte of memory.

– 32 to 35 gigabytes of internal memory storage.

– The ability to run Windows Office 365 Personal. This gives users access to such popular Microsoft solutions as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Access. Users also receive one TB, or terabyte, of cloud storage and up to 60 minutes of Skype calling.

– A two-megapixel rear camera.

– A 3-megapixel front camera.
Windows 8.1 with Bing.

– A Micro SD media drive.

Intel HD graphics with shared graphics memory.

– A 3000mAh lithium-ion battery capable of storing up to 11.1 watts of electricity, which could provide up to eight hours of use.

Wireless capability at 802.11b/g/n.

As you can see, the HP Stream 7 is a very handy device for professionals and businesspeople. It is also an ideal device for utilizing WhatsApp because of its cameras and connectivity. One big advantage to the Stream 7 is that some Android applications, including WhatsApp, will operate upon it. Another is that you will not need to “jailbreak” the HP Stream 7 to install WhatsApp like you may have to with some versions of the iPhone.

How to Install WhatsApp for Android on the HP Stream 7

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The current Android version of WhatsApp Messenger available in Google Play is compatible with the Windows 8.1 operating system on the HP Stream 7 and Slate 7. You can even install it without jailbreaking, according to app4smart.com.

Here are the instructions for installing the Android version of WhatsApp Messenger on an HP phone:

1) You will have to create a Google Play account and get the latest version of Google Play.

2) Type WhatsApp into the Google Play search feature to find WhatsApp Messenger. The good news is that WhatsApp Messenger is free.

3) Check the compatibility of WhatsApp Messenger. If you are trying to install on the HP Stream 7, you will have to choose the PC version—because the Stream 7 is considered a “PC.”

4) Simply click Install.

5) Once WhatsApp Messenger is installed, you will probably have to have somebody send you a message using WhatsApp or Skype to get it to work. You can also send yourself a message using a Skype account or WhatsApp on a different computer or phone.

WhatsApp in the Windows Phone Store
There is a slightly less advanced version of WhatsApp available in the Windows Phone Store that can also be installed on the HP Stream 7, WinBeta reported. This version apparently lacks some of the capabilities of the Android version, although it is being upgraded.
To get the free version of WhatsApp Messenger from the Windows Phone Store, simply click here. The first year of WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store is free; it will cost 99¢ a year for subsequent years.

To install WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store, simply click on the install button and follow the instructions. Note: If you have already installed WhatsApp Messenger on your Stream 7, it is a good idea to check back at the store because new versions are constantly being released.

Since its acquisition by Facebook last year, WhatsApp has been significantly upgrading its technology and capabilities. It has also been expanding the offerings available through both Google Play and the Windows Phone Store. That means the current version of WhatsApp for Windows 8.1 is significantly better than some of the older ones.

The Capabilities of WhatsApp Messenger for Windows
Like other versions of WhatsApp, this edition can be used for sending messages, video, photos, and voice. Like other versions of WhatsApp, it can be limited by poor wireless signals and poor connections.

WhatsApp for Windows was recently upgraded so it can open faster, WinBeta reported. Some of the photo editing capabilities have also been upgraded. You can now crop and rotate photos and add captions to both pictures and videos. It is also easier to archive chats and groups, which can free up bandwidth and make your phone and WhatsApp run faster.

You might also notice that each chat will have its own background, which can make it easier to recognize those you are messaging with. It is also easier to share your location with the new drag and drop pin.

whatsapp12WhatsApp was also recently upgraded to provide better support for smartphones with high resolution screens. This makes it ideal for use with the HP Stream 7 with its seven-inch high definition touchscreen.

That makes WhatsApp an ideal solution for those that want to share photos and videos online and persons that want to use their phones as a camera. It is easier than ever to share pictures via WhatsApp.

The Future of WhatsApp and HP Stream 7
The days when the Apple iPhone was the cutting edge of smartphone technology are long over. Windows Phones like the HP Stream 7 are the equals to and, in some respects, the superiors of Apple’s offerings.
Solutions like WhatsApp now make the HP Stream 7 a better solution for many users than the iPhone. If you like Windows software, you’ll love the HP Stream 7 and WhatsApp!

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