Whatsapp for Kindle Fire Hd 8.9

Installing WhatsApp onto a tablet is a bit different from installing it onto a mobile phone. This is because there is no actual phone number associated with the device. It also doesn’t have the same wireless carrier technology built into the device. Due to this, the App stores for tablets typically do not provide WhatsApp as a download option.

Kindle Fire Hd 8.9That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to use though, you just need to work your way around the slight issue. With the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, you can install the app onto this variation of the Android operating system. By following through with these steps, you can have it running smoothly on your device.

Ready Your Kindle Fire HD 8.9
The Kindle Fire HD does not accept application installation from outside or unknown sources off the bat, so you need to instruct the operating system to bypass this issue. To do this, choose “Settings” and then select “Device.” Scroll down the list of options until you find “Allow Installation of Applications” (it is listed under the “Date and Time” option) and check “On.”

Download the File to Your Computer or to Your Device
First, you need to download the WhatsApp file onto your computer (if this is the route you decide to take). You can download the WhatsApp.apk file from MediaFire. Once the file has finished downloading (it is a small file, so it shouldn’t take long to complete) you can move on to the next step.

If you want to install it directly through your device without the aid of a computer, you first need to open the Silk browser on your device. Make sure your Silk browser (this is the default Internet browser on your device) is up to date. You can have the device scan for any possible updates before moving forward just to make sure.

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Follow the same link as provided above and download the application. It is going to download directly to your Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

Connect Computer
If you downloaded the application directly to your computer skip this step. If you used your computer, connect the Kindle Fire HD to your computer through the microUSB cable. Once connected you just click and drag the downloaded file from the computer into the Kindle Fire HD icon. Wait for the file to finish transferring, then eject the Kindle from your computer and disconnect it.

Install and Set Up WhatsApp
Now that the WhatsApp file has downloaded onto your device, you need to open it up. Select the displayed application icon on the main screen. After the device runs through an initial scan of the application, it will open up and begin the activation process. You are going to be required to associate a telephone number with your account. Type in your mobile phone number here. Do keep in mind the only way you can use the application is if you are connected to Wi-Fi or if you have the Fire HD 8.9 set up to a data network. it is not going to make or receive messages without this kind of a connection.

Keep Your Phone On You
When setting up WhatsApp, make sure you have your mobile phone on you when associating the phone number. You are likely going to receive a notification text from WhatsApp. While it might depend on the version and a few other general specs, you want to have the phone on hand to complete activation. Additionally, you do need to have a mobile phone that receives text messages in order to complete this activation. If you don’t have a mobile phone the activation is not going to work on the Fire HD.

Follow through with the basic setup features, including your name, address and other basic information in order to complete the setup. Now, you are able to use the Kindle Fore HD 8.9 in order to make and receive messages.

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