WhatsApp: how to leave a Group Chat

leave a group chatGroup chats  are one of the best feature of WhatsApp, as they allow you to chat with multiple contacts at once, rendering communication much faster. They are very appreciated by WhatsApp users, and probably you too are one of them and often use this popular function.

If so, please don’t try to deny it, it surely happened that you wanted to leave a group because of arguments or because you simply were no more interested in the topics discussed. It’s normal and happened to all of us. So why did’t you leave that Group Chat? Maybe because you don’t know how to do it. So, today we’ll  see together how we can leave a Group Chat on WhatsApp.

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If you are an Android user, simply open WhatsApp, go to your Chat List and tap and hold your finger on the name (title) of the Group you would like to leave. Now, to leave the group chat, select Delete and Exit Group. If you use an iPhone, from WhatsApp select the title of the Group you want to leave. Tap Info, then select Leave and delete Group, and then tap on Leave and Delete.

It is even easier if you have a Windows Phone. First af all open WhatsApp. Now go to the chats screen and press the name of the Group you want to leave until you see a menu. From here, simply select yes on the confirmation screen. If you have a BlackBerry, open the Chats screen and select the group you want to leave. Now you just have to click Exit Group.

If you were the administrator of the Group you just left, another one of the participant will replace you. So, if you wish to rejoin the group, you have to obtain the new administrator’s authorization. In fact only the administrator has the power to remove and add participants of the Group Chat.