Whatsapp for Nook Hd – Barnes & Nooble

WhatsApp is a widely popular app for both Android and iOS systems, and has an easy and accessible method to download for the Barnes & Noble Nook HD.

Nook_HDThe best method is quite easy, provided that the software on your Nook HD is up to date. This tutorial will cover how to make sure you have software that supports
WhatsApp, and then how to install it:

Step 1:
The Google Play app should already be preinstalled on your Nook HD, so check to confirm that it is before anything else.

Step 2:
Before being able to shop on the Google Play app, you must have a Google account. Gmail or YouTube accounts can be used for Google Play, but if you do not have either, you must create a username through the app.
The app will take you through a series of instructions to create an account on your Nook HD so follow them accordingly.

Step 3:
Once you have an account with Google Play, you must check to make sure you have a compatible version of the Android software.
Software updates for the Nook HD are automatic via a Wi-Fi connection, so make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot before updating the software.

Step 4:
WhatsApp is supported by Android version 2.1 and higher. To check what version of the software you have, go to the settings icon within the status bar found at the top of the Nook HD screen.

Click all settings, device information, and from there you can see which version of the software you have. If you have a version that is 2.1 or higher skip to step 7, but otherwise continue reading on.

Step 5:
Typically, if the Nook HD is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot and idle, it will automatically update. However, there is a way to update it manually if it does not do it automatically.

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To download the update manually you must download the software update to your computer in order to copy that software onto the Nook HD.
Download the file and save it to your desktop, but take note not to modify or open the file.

Step 6:
Access device information again to confirm the Nook HD has battery power at 20% or more. Then, connect the Nook HD by USB cable to your computer and open a file on the desktop that may be labeled MyNOOK or BNTV400.

Drag and drop the update file into the MyNOOK drive and wait for the transfer to complete. Eject the Nook drive and put the device in sleep mode. After the update is complete the Nook HD will restart itself.
Note: while the software is updating, do not turn off your Nook HD. The device must stay on through the entire process and will restart itself when the process is complete.

Step 7:
Now that your Nook HD is running software version 2.1 or greater, you can download the application through the Google Play store.
Access the Google Play store once again and login with the username you created earlier. To locate the application within the Google Play store, type “WhatsApp” into the search bar. Once you locate the application, click on it and press install.

Step 8:
Once the app is installed, the device will not display in the application section of the Nook HD, but through Google’s “players,” which can be found within the device amongst the rest of the preset Google applications included with the device.

Alternative Method:
Alternatively, if you wish to download the app through Google Play on your computer, follow this method:
• Access Google Play through your internet browser
• Search for and install WhatsApp
• Connect Nook HD to computer with a USB cord
• Allow software to download onto the Nook HD from the computer

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