Whatsapp for Rca Tablet

The RCA tablet is tablet PC that runs on both windows and android platforms. It comes in different sizes and has different specifications depending on the category and operating system powering it.RCA tablet also comes with a detachable keyboard for a 2-in-1 laptop experience.

Rca TabletIt weighs around 0.7 pounds and is 4mm thin. It also features the standard tablet connectivity features like a micro USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.It also comes with a front and back camera.

The RCA tablet also comes with a battery optimized for different sizes and delivers a 6-hour screen on time performance.


The Android tablet comes in 3 classes of screen sizes. These are; 7 inches,10 inches, and 11.2 inches’ sizes. The screen resolution varies from a measly 200 PPI to a full HD 11.2-inch screen. Its screen quality is good given the cost and the colors displayed are punchy and rich.

It underneath the hood packs a quad core 1.4 GHZ processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8GB internal memory. It runs the stock Android Lollipop version 5.0 from the box. The Operating system takes nearly half the internal memory storage but comes with an expandable memory of up to 64GB.


The Windows version is powered by a powerful Intel Atom 1.83GHZ quad-core processor inside. It comes with a DDR3 2GB RAM chip and 32GB internal memory. It has an impressive screen resolution with a respectable performance. It comes with the new Windows 10 in the box which means it can easily transition from a laptop to a tablet depending on the connected features.

It is a tablet with native support for WhatsApp given the tablet runs Windows or Android. It has more than enough horsepower to run WhatsApp. For it to run WhatsApp, you need to have your SIM card connected.


• Switch on your data on settings menu

• Create a Google account to allow you access to Google services and the Google store.

• Click on Google store and search WhatsApp messenger. It should be easily available as it is one of the most downloaded apps in the play store.

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• Click on download and wait till it installs to completion.

• When done Click open the WhatsApp messenger will open

• Proceed to create an account with WhatsApp. Please note it will involve confirming a few details from your local network provider.

• You can then log in to your account and chat with your friends.


• Switch on your data in the networks tab

• Visit Microsoft website and create an outlook account.

• Login to the Microsoft store in your RCA tablet and search WhatsApp Messenger.

• Click on install.

• Go to apps menu and Click on the WhatsApp icon. Proceed to create a WhatsApp account. It will involve an SMS being send to your service provider.

• You are now ready to begin chatting with your friends.

It is important to make sure your Windows RCA tablet runs the latest version of Windows 10. It can easily transcend between windows phone 10 and full Windows 10. It can serve as a full laptop with all the productive suite of Microsoft products preinstalled.

WhatsApp comes free for two years after which you supposed to pay an annual fee. The payment process is pretty straightforward as it uses the most common payment options. It is a powerful messaging service that has over 500 million users. It is a must have in today’s world

The RCA tablet comes at $200 and provides a premium experience for that price point. It is available in two choices and is designed to handle basic tasks like a champ. The Windows version, when connected with the keyboard, can replace your laptop. It is a tablet that will appeal to productive users seeking a portable solution.

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