Whatsapp for Vodafone Smart Tab 7

Simple Steps For Downloading Whatsapp On Your Vodafone Smart Tab 7

In February of 2012, a new android tablet hit the market. The Vodafone Smart Tab 7 is a 11.4mm thick touchscreen tablet that runs on the GSM network. Users can enjoy the multi-touch feature ad the ability to use up to all ten fingers to interact with the tablet.

The Vodafone Smart Tab comes with a 5 MP autofocus camera equipped with auto tagging features. It is Wi-Fi and bluetooth capable as well, providing more convenience for users. For those who like a bit of base in their music, fear not, this tablet is able speaker compatible. With a battery life of up to seven hours, users can enjoy hours of non-stop fun and entertainment on their new Vodafone Smart Tab 7.
Vodafone Smart Tab 7

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To get the best experience from your tablet, you’ll want to download a messenger application to hep you stay in touch with friends. One of the most popular free messenger apps offered on the android market today is Whatsapp.

While the app is available on the android market, downloading it onto your new Vodafone Smart Tab requires a few more steps than simply going to the app store and pressing download and install. The next few paragraphs will highlight the easiest way to install whatsapp on your tablet.

To install Whatsapp on your Vodafone Tablet, the first thing you will need to do is download the Whatsapp APK file here:  Next, make sure that downloads are allowed from “unknown sources”. To complete this step you will need to go to your tablet’s settings application and access the security and applications tab. From here, you can opt to allow downloads from all sources. Now you are ready to install!

Locate and launch your “File Manager” on your device and open the SD card storage folder. From there, locate and select the Whatsapp APK file downloaded from techspot.com. Review the terms and conditions and install the app. Once the installation is complete, select done and open. You will see two options, “Done” and “Open”. Select open, and ” Agree”. To verify that your download is complete, open the app and enter the number you wish to use. Enjoy!

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