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WhatsApp-for-iphone defWhatsapp for Iphone 5S
The new “face” of social networking is probably not Facebook anymore, but the popular Smartphone messenger WhatsApp, a Messenger software that can revolutionized the way we chat and instant message on Smartphones and yes, even on the iPhone 5S. This app helps you to stay connected with your family and friends via text, audio or video message or share pictures and songs and can be run by connecting to the internet via 2G, 3G or WiFi connection.

A Brief Guide to Donwload and WhatsApp on the iPhone 5S

Download Whatsapp on your iPhone 5S: The first thing that you need to do is to go to your Apple App Store and download WhatsApp for your iPhone.

Install on your iPhone 5S: Next, install the messenger app in your phone. While installing it, WhatsApp would want to know your telephone number. You need to insert your phone number on which your WhatsApp account will be registered. Remember, you can use only one number on a single device (a part from this Dual Sim trick). After you enter the number, WhatsApp will text you a verification code. You are supposed to enter that. In case you do not receive the code, you might opt for a voice call system as well.

Account Setting: After the completion of the steps mentioned above you can finally create your WhatsApp account. All your saved iPhone contacts, who are registered with WhatsApp can be contacted through this messenger app at once. You need to mention a nick-name for the account which will be shown to your WhatsApp contacts. You can also set a picture as your “default profile picture” and your status just as you wish.

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How WhatsApp Works on your iPhone 5S

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Here the basics steps on how WhatsApp work on your iPhone to chat via text messages, audio notes and video clips:

Text Messaging
: Texting is much more familiar to all. You type your message in a QWERTY keyboard, or even in a full keyboard if you install Whatsapp on your Mac desktop. The app offers keyboard for several different languages (those recognized by it). There is also a huge variety of emoticons, which offers a wide range of smiles to personalize your messages. These help you to express yourself better.

Audio Note: sometime texting requires too much time and effort. It is not even safe texting while driving. But, you might need to tell someone something while in a hurried situation. The best part of WhatsApp is that, whenever you are in a hurry, you can opt for sending a voice note instead of a text message. Just go to your keyboard and you will find an icon of microphone on the right hand side. Press that and hold it, then say whatever you need to say. Your voice will be recorded and upon releasing the icon, the message will be sent to your contacts.

Video Clip on your iPhone 5S: Sending a video clip from your iPhone can be very expensive by using a regular text message service (MMS). But not with Whatsapp. It’s free and it has a lot of warmth attached to it. Just go the attachment icon on the top right corner of the conversation window and select it. You’ll have the option of sending a ‘video clip’ along with many other extra-options. Select it and record your video and send it to your contact. One click, done !

Sharing Via WhatsApp: You can share your photos, audios and videos through WhatsApp anytime, anywhere. You just need to click on the “Attachment” option. From there you select the media that you are going to share (photo/video/audio). Then select the file from your phone or SD Card memory and send it to any desired contact. Yes, WhatsApp has made sharing very easy even on your iPhone.

iPhone 5S – Tips & Tricks
WhatsApp for iPhone lets you hide the ‘last seen’ time and date from the friends and stalkers. So, you can enjoy that option easily. WhatsApp also stores your messages by default on your SD card. So, even if you delete the conversation you will be able to recover and restore it once more with just 1 click ! FhumbApp for iPhone lets you instead send two messages at a time via WhatsApp. That is also a nice trick. In FhumbApp there is one more trick where you can change your friends profile picture and scare that friend instantly (funny isn’t it? :-)).

Yes, with WhatsApp it’s easy and reasonable to switch from standard SMS messaging and enjoy a (much) more advanced chatting on your iPhone. And please… don’t think about money: WhatsApp is completely FREE for the first year! And after that, you need to pay only $0.99 to keep going on with it: can you imagine something so cheap in such an expensive phone, like the iPhone 5S ?

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