Whatsapp for iPHONE 6

Whatsapp for Iphone 6
With as many apps that there are out in circulation, finding one that actually works for you can seem impossibly and painfully difficult.
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And if you’re reading this, it probably means that you’ve found the WhatsApp, which is one of the hottest apps on the market. This is an article strictly for iPhone 6 and 6 plus users that are trying to download the app, and also want some tricks and tips when using it.

Step by Step: How To Download The WhatsApp

Remember that NO jailbreak is needed for the app, don’t feel the need. Here are the step by step instructions for downloading the WhatsApp that’s optimized for the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus!

• Make sure that your phone is running on iOS8. If it isn’t, the app won’t work. (Check in settings.)
• Go to the iTunes store and install WhatsApp for your phone.
• Go to your Safari browser and go to this site.
• After the site loads, click the green button that appears on the screen.
• A button will pop up asking you to install the WhatsApp Messenger, click “Install”.
• After you click install, go to your home screen. You’ll see a text box that asks you if you trust the developer and are willing to run it on your phone. Click “Trust” and WhatsApp will begin to install with a black spinning wheel. Don’t try to open the app until the installation is complete.

Cool WhatsApp Tricks For Your Phone!

You Can Recover Your Deleted WhatsApp Messages!
Download iPhone Data Recovery on your computer
• Connect your phone and click on “Recover Data From iOS Device
• Click “Start Scan” button
• You will now see all the data that’s recovered from the device. Select the “WhatsApp” from the navigation panel on the left
• Select the convo, then click “recover” & decide where to save. Done!

Whatsapp for iPHONE 6 plusYou can stop the message previews from popping up on your home screen!
• Start the Cydia app from the springboard of your device, navigate the search button and look for “notification privacy
• Once it’s installed go to settings, then notification privacy to tweak your settings

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• The privacy options tab is where you can choose what to do next, click “hide in notification center”
• Select the WhatsApp and you’re done!

You can hide the “last seen” time stamp.
• Go to settings
• Chat settings
• Advanced
• And set the “last seen time stamp” to off. And you’re done!

You can lock your WhatsApp!
• Download the “WhatsApp Lock” application
• And set up your pin or other password.

Stop the WhatsApp images from appearing in your camera roll
• Go to settings
• Privacy
• Photos
• Switch off for WhatsApp

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Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number
• Don’t uninstall and re-install: not needed!
• Open your WhatsApp and go to settings
• Account
• And click change number.
• Enter your old phone number in the beginning field, and your new number in the bottom
• Click done and verify the number and all your data will move over. That’s it !

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