WhatsApp for OS X Yosemite

WhatsApp for OS X Yosemite is a powerful tool that anyone may use to place calls or send texts. You may learn how to use the app when you thumb through this description.

There are quite a lot of things you may do with it, and you need to know how to install it on your operating system. This article explains how you may make your way through the app to get the most out of it.

#1: Ensure You Have Room On Your OS X Yosemite operating system

You must have enough room on your mac to download the app, and you will find it downloads faster when there is more space on the device. You must clear space on your mac if you do not have enough, and you may check the current size of the WhatsApp file. You may check their file size, and you may expect it to remain about the same size.


#2: How Do You Download The App?

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You may go into the app store to download the app, and you will see it open on your device at once. You will have an icon for the app, and you may click on the icon to open your messages. WhatsApp will be ready to run as soon as the download process is finished, and you will find it much easier to use the app because it gives you all the information you may need up front before the download.

#3: What Does The App Contain?

WhatsApp gives customers their own number, and it helps them when they wish to chat with people around the world. The texts that are sent from the app will go to any other WhatsApp user, and the operating system made through the app are using the same number assigned to the app. You may use the app to send messages instantly, and it will search your address book to see who uses the app. You will find a few of your contacts are willing to use WhatsApp, and you may find it much easier to use because it works on wifi.

#4: How Do You Add Contacts?

You may add contacts through a search on the app, and you will find it quite possible to add new people on every search, and the app will find new people you add to your contacts. It is quite simple to add contacts, and you may bring everyone you talk to over to the app instead of using your phone’s native apps. Replacing less-functional apps with better applications will help you remain more efficient as you talk to friends and family every day.

#5: Set Up Notifications

You may set up notifications any time you like, and you must ensure you have turned on notifications for alls and texts through the app. You will find it much simpler to keep in touch with yoru contacts when you see their notifications, and you must ensure everyone on your contact list has notifications turned on. You may mute anyone you do not want to hear from right now, or you may turn off notifications when you are in need of a break from your mac.

The WhatsApp app is a lovely tool that you may use at any time to reach out to the world around you. There are many people who use the app every day, and you will find more as you add contacts to your mac. WhatsApp will let you send messages and make calls at your leisure, and you may do so over wifi to ensure you are not using the data from your plan.

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