New Bookmarking Feature available for WhatsApp for iOS

whatsapp ios updateA new version of WhatsApp is now available for iOS users, and it introduces a great (and desired) feature. What changes? This new version 2.12.7 for iOS finally adds a new section to WhatsApp which will surely help users to immediately pinpoint important messages. You can find this new, practical, feature under the profile and it’s called “Starred Messages“.

Using this new function it is now possible to bookmark any text message, photo or video and then find them in the new “Starred Messages” section. In this way iOS users will be able to access their bookmarked contents quickly. This is quite a useful function, and we are sure that it will be really appreciated. Don’t forget that a lot of people use WhatsApp for their job, so this feature can help a lot the management of our instant messaging communication.

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But how does it work? Don’t panic. As often happens with WhatsApp, it works in a very simple way. In fact, when you need to “Star” a message, you just have to do two things: tap and hold it. With this action the message will be saved in the new “Starred Messages” section. Yes, as simple as that. In addition, it’s quite important to note that this feature works also for WhatsApp Groups. You can find this new version 2.12.7 ready to be downloaded on the App Store.

And what about users who access WhatsApp using Android or Windows Phone devices? This is an obvious curiosity considering that Android users are the majority. For once, they have to wait a little bit, but we are sure that WhatsApp developers are not neglecting users of those platforms and that they will enjoy this new feature soon. In the meantime, during the last few months, we have seen that many new Beta versions for Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone or other platform have been released, and certainly many others are coming.