Are you an emoticon addicted? Kika Tech can now provide you the first keyboard with native support for WhatsApp’s latest emojis

kika emoki keyboardSo, are you one of those people that when chatting with someone can’t help using emoticon a lot? This news might interest you very, very much. Kika Tech, the company that produces the famous Kika Keyboard, has released an update for its keyboard app. You may say: what does it have to do with my emoticons? That’s how: the upgrade includes native support for WhatsApp latest emoji’s update.

You have no idea of what a Kika Keyboard is? Strange, but in this case quite certainly you are not an Android user. In fact this special keyboard is an Android one, and it is the first one to introduce this implementation natively. As you probably know, the latest version of WhatsApp for Android enabled the use of new emoticons (for example the famous, and quite controversial, “middle finger” emoji, or the popular “Spock’s Vulcan salute”) and added the ability to choose the skin tone of your emojis.

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Now, if you have the latest Kika Keyboard, you will be able to load WhatsApp’s emoticon automatically into the keyboard, whitout switching functions. Isn’t it a great news? According to Bill Hu, CEO of Kika Techthe company has considered this upgrade necessary in order to help people communicate in a better and easier way. That’s what Bill Hu declared: “Kika has always been about helping people communicate their ideas in a way that best represents themselves. When we learned what WhatsApp’s latest update provided, it was only natural for us to prioritize getting this functionality out to our users.

The news is a further indication of the growing (and fast) success of WhatsApp all over the world.  A tangible proof of the popularity of WhatsApp comes from recent statistics which show  that this popular instant messaging app in August reached 900 million active monthly users. And it really seems that WhatsApp’s race to the top will not stop here.

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