Facebook Messenger vs Whatsapp: Which is the better IM app for you?

whatsapp vs facebookThere are a lot of choices when it comes to instant messaging apps. Two of the biggest apps for messaging include Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Both choices have their advantages, but which one is better. People are starting to use messaging apps a lot more than traditional voice communications. Here are five areas in which to compare these two powerful IM apps.

The Facebook Messenger App is free to use. Currently, there are no plans to start charging for this service in the foreseeable future. Whatsapp on the other hand, gives you your first year free and then charges a 99 cent yearly subscription fee. Facebook currently comes out on top in this category.

Whatsapp is a stand alone app that does not require any other apps to be installed. While Facebook Messenger is a stand-alone app, you will still need a Facebook account. People can searh for your Facevbook Profile at any time. If your wish to avoid having a Facebook profile, then Whatsapp comes out on top in this area.


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Facebook Messenger is available on all mobile platforms as well as desktop computers. Whatsapp is officially only available on all the mobile platforms. There are ways to get Whatsapp running on your desktops, but this may violate Whatsapp Terms of Service. Facebook Messenger seems to be more available than Whatsapp. Facebook is clearly the winner in this face off.

Ease of Use
Both apps are pretty straight forward and easy to use. Facebook and Whatsapp have a common interface. They are both easy to install and use. Installation is simple and migrating to a new phone is as easy as the installation itself. Facebook and Whatsapp are both very easy to use and takes little time to get used to.

Unlike Facebook you can only use Whatsapp on one device. This fact makes Whatsapp pretty secure. In order to switch to a new device, Whatsapp will not let you use your old device with a new account. Facebook Messenger lets you use their app on any device. They even provide for more stringent security to make sure no one else logs on as you on another device. In this match, both Facebook and Whatsapp are tied up in their security implementations.

In conclusion, both Whatsapp and Facebook are very popular and growing in user base at a rapid pace. These two apps may have started off very differently, but they provide the same basic service at a high quality. In this comparison, Facebook is the clear winner. Whatsapp is a very strong contender which threatens Facebook’s standing in the instant messaging marketplace. This is probably why Mark Zuckerburg bought out Whatsapp for 19 million dollars.

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