Play Store reintegrates AirDroid after removing it for having used the word “WhatsApp”

airdroidYou probably have not even had the time to realize it, but in the last hours AirDroid lived a particular (we could say unique) experience: it was removed from the Play Store, but after a very short time it was readmitted.

It seems that the problem was created by the use of the term “WhatsApp”, which AirDroid included in the description of one of its services. The feature in question is the one that allows you to reply from PC to messages received through apps like WhatsApp.

Facebook, which, as you know, is the owner of WhatsApp, did not like the episode and so turned to Google, which decided to immediately remove the application from the Play Store. The problem was that the developers of AirDroid had not been warned, and therefore did not have the time to change the description given in their app.

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Google has some strict rules which prohibit to mention the name of other applications in the title of one own app. So it is quite strange what happened to AirDroid and not really correct because the word “WhatsApp” was used only in the description part, without even referring to affiliations between the two services. And in fact Google has immediately reintegrated AirDroid on its Play Store, as the claims made by Facebook were unfounded.

But what is AirDroid? AirDroid is a cross-platform application which allows you to access and manage your Android devices (phones or tablets) from Windows, MAC or Web, wirelessly, for free, remotely and securely. AirDroid users can manage their files, SMS, videos and apps like WhatsApp and WeChat easily from their computer.

This “incident” surely makes us reflect on the power achieved by Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of FaceBook, who managed to have such an influence on a giant such as Google. And the numbers seem to bear him out, considering the huge success of Facebook and WhatsApp, which are now used all over the world.