We can now send WhatsApp messages via Google Now

google nowAre you thinking about sending a message through Viber or WhatsApp without touching your smartphone keyboard? Now it’s possible. Thanks to new updates introduced to Google Now (Google’s smartphone voice assistant), we are now allowed to send messages to our contacts through WhatsApp or other messaging applications like Viber, WeChat, NextPlus and Telegram simply dictating them.

By now it is a well-established daily routine: we send dozens of messages to our friends, family and colleagues to arrange appointments or just to share something with someone we care about. Starting from today we have an even easier way to do it. Today we are enabled to send messages via Android applications simply dictating them to Google Now, exactly as already happens with emails, text messages and Hangout.

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To send a message via Google Now voice input you just have to say “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Ann” and you’ll see a screen from where you can start dictating your message. Another method, even faster and easier, is to dictate directly to Google the whole passage, just saying: “OK Google, send a WhatsApp message to Ann: remember to pick up the laundry.”

At the moment this feature only works in English, but without territorial limits, and, in order to use it, you must first install the latest updates of the instant messaging app as well as those of Google. But the internet giant has promised that more languages will be supported soon.

This update will surely further simplify the use of instant messaging applications, as well as allow us to save valuable time. The announcement of this major update was given directly by Google in a blog post, in which Big G, among other things, states: “With all of us spending so much time in apps, we’ve been working to add new ways to surface the right content from your apps at the right time.