A new stable version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone is finally available: version 2.12.170 has been released

windows phone stable versionAfter the many beta versions released during the last few weeks, finally Windows Phone users can now download a stable version of WhatsApp which contains several and much awaited updates. This new version is already available on the Windows Store and, as usual, the changes that have been introduced have already been tested by users who have tried the beta versions.

But what changes exactly for Windows Phone users with this new version 2.12.170? First of all you will notice that this new version introduces more emoji, including, obviously, the popular middle finger which until now was available only for Android and iOS users. But why the emoji are so important? That’s a good question.

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The developers of any social media, and here we are talking not only about WhatsApp, know that nowadays they can not afford to overlook the importance of emoji, because they have become a very important tool to express our moods and feeling, especially when it comes to instant messaging communication. And WhatsApp, with over 900 million active users, well knows the needs of its subscribers.

Coming back to WhatsApp for Windows Phone, in addition to more emoji, version 2.12.170 will make it faster to find messages, contacts and chats since it brings a better search feature.  Moreover, new wallpapers will be available together with in-app audio notifications. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

And how can you download version 2.12.170? As we said above, this stable version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone is already available on the Windows Store, where you can easily find it for free. So, are you thinking to upgrade your device with version 2.12.170? Maybe you need to know that this last version of WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone should work with all devices running Windows Phone 8 and up. So be sure that you own a compatible device. After that, enjoy your favourite instant messaging app.