Tired of junk images? The ‘Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp’ can help you out

magic cleaner for whatsappIf you are an avid WhatsApp user, now you can find on the Google Play Store an interesting app that can really makes the difference in your everyday life, letting you save precious time. As we mentioned above, this nice new app is called ‘Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp‘ and is available on the Google Play Store for those of you who use Android devices.

How does this ‘Magic Cleaner’ work? This app will essentially do a scan of your Android phone to find WhatsApp junk photos you might want to delete. As soon as the ‘Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp’ has completed the scanning (it will take just a few seconds), the app will show you the images that it thinks you should delete. Obviously, you have the last word on this, and you can decide which image you want to keep aside and which image you want to remove. Isn’t it useful?

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Furthermore, if after using the ‘Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp’ you are so satisfied that you want to share the experience with your contacts, the app has a built-in ‘invite’ feature that allows you to invite your friends to start using the app straight from the app itself.

As we said above, you can download the ‘Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp’ from the Google Play Store. The app runs on Android devices 4.0.3 and up and its size is about 6.4M. Needless to say that the ‘Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp’ is particularly helpful if you are encountering space problems on your phone and decide to make some space. Thanks to this app you won’t have to remove manually all your junk images anymore, since you can simply let the ‘Magic Cleaner’ separate the trash from what’s important to you so, at the end, you can delete all the trash in one simple tap.