Another update for WhatsApp for Windows Phone

windows phone 2 12 180Starting from today there is a new version of WhatsApp available on the Windows Phone Store. In fact version 2.12.180 has just been released and it is available to be downloaded. What other changes brings this new version, after the important updates introduced only last week?

If with the last version we’ve seen the improvement of the search function together with the introduction of new emoji (for the joy of every Windows Phone user it is know possible to use the middle finger emoji) and the support for in-app notification sounds, with this new version 2.12.180 there seem to be just minor updates and bug fixes. But still it is quite necessary for Windows Phone users to keep their devices updated to run them smoothly. So, if you are convinced and you decide to download this new version, you simply have to click on this link:

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The developers of WhatsApp have really a lot to do to stay on top and to face the competition of all the other instant messaging apps. Not to mention to fulfill their users needs. In fact, if today we’ve talked about the latest Windows Phone update, WhatsApp developers have to think about Android, iOS, BlackBerry and iPhone too, since WhatsApp is widely used also on these OS. And lately there are rumours about a huge improvement for Android devices.

According to these whispers a new feature which will enable users to share their documents will soon be released. At first the option will be available only for pdf and word documents, but it is possible that other extensions will be included. So far you can not share your documents via WhatsApp with your contacts, you just can send a screenshot of the text. So, let’s wait and see. Surely we won’t have to wait to much for more updates.