WhatsApp for Android: the new 2.12.506 version brings a new layout to the Settings page

whatsapp for android beta 2 12 506As announced, WhatsApp developers are very busy, since they are releasing many major updates to the platforms that support this popular instant messaging app. And, obviously, the Android version of the app is receiving most of these updates.

Just a few days ago the new document sharing feature (PDF only, for now), was added and today we are already talking about a new improved version of WhatsApp for Android. This latest updated version 2.12.506 of WhatsApp for Android not only finally revamps and reorganizes the Settings screen, but brings also many enhancements.

So, let’s see together what changes. As we said, if you download this latest version 2.12.506 you’ll immediately notice that many changes have been brought to the Settings screen. First thing you’ll see is that the Profile settings option is not placed anymore at second position from top, but has been moved right on top.

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In addition, you’ll also find new green icons and that elements have been better distributed with much more space. Version 2.12.506 also renames some items. For example Help is now About and help and Chats and calls is now named just Chats (the call setting has been moved to another section). And the changes introduced with this latest version of WhatsApp for Android are not finished.

In fact, also the Profile page is now different, with a round profile picture instead of the square one used so far. Furthermore, the edit icon is now green and phone number and status are now displayed. Since WhatsApp is now completely free, the Payment info section has been obviously removed.

You’ll find also that the new Data usage section contains all the data-related settings such as Network usage totals and Call settings for low data usage. So, now, how can you install this latest 2.12.506 beta version of WhatsApp for Android? If you are not part of the Play Store beta program, you can download the APK manually from APK Mirror

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