WhatsApp for Android: 2.16.42 Stable version is avalable on the Google Play Store

android stable version 2 16 42You have certainly noticed that recently WhatsApp developers are working harder than usual and release more often than ever new beta updates of the popular instant messaging app. These updates add new features or simply fix some issues. This is happening for all the platforms supporting WhatsApp, such as Android, Windows Phone and iPhone, but mainly for Android devices since their users are the majority.

So today we are going to talk about a new update for Android devices. This time it isn’t a Beta version, but a stable one, and Android users can download it straight from the Google Play Store. What changes with this latest 2.16.42 stable version of WhatsApp for Android devices?

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This latest version confirms all new features that have been added with the previous beta updates. So, to recap, this is what you’ll find if you install this latest 2.16.42 stable version of WhatsApp on your Android device: first of all (obviously) the now famous end-to-end encryption option; the camera interface has been substantially revamped and improved; you can now format you text and use bold, italic and strikethrough; last but not least, you can share with your contacts Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

This latest 2.16.42 stable version of WhatsApp for Android weighs 23.74 MB and its build number is 451112. As we said above, you can download it from the Google Play Store, or, if you don’t find it on the Store, you can download it from the internet. In the latter case, pay attention to choose a trusted website such as APK Mirror. It is not difficult to download files from the APK, you simply have to remember to enable the Unknown Sources option on your device and follow the instructions.

Lastly, if you are wondering when you can finally use the Video Calling feature, we don’t have a release date yet, but, according to some rumours, the option will be added soon.