WhatsApp for Android: the new 2.17.123 Beta version is already available for download

WA dor Android new betaA new update is available for Android users of WhatsApp. This Facebook-owned instant messaging app is currently one of the most popular all over the world, and the increasing number of users (already more than one billion worldwide) it’s the clear sign of its success.

We all know that WhatsApp is a multiplatform instant messaging app, and it can easily be installed on Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. But we also know that the favourite platform of WhatsApp users is Android, so it’s logic that this is the platform that receives most of the updates.

So now let’s see what changes with this latest update of WhatsApp for Android devices. This latest 2.17123 Beta of WhatsApp for Android comes with some important improvements. First of all, this latest update brings the ability to set a text-only update in your WhatsApp profile. This feature is called About, and you can use it going to Settings > Profile. From here you can edit the text of your Status.

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The other update added with this latest 2.17.123 Beta of WhatsApp for Android devices allows users to search and add animated GIFs right from within their WhatsApp chats. To use this option you simply have to tap the emoji button during a chat and then select GIF. There are two ways to install this latest Beta version of WhatsApp on your Android device. If you are a Beta Tester, you can download it from the Google Play Store. If you have not yet joined the program, you can download it from other safe sites such as APK Mirror.

We have often talked about concerns about security issues of WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps. Well, if it’s true that there are often some dangerous malawares, sometimes we are the principal cause of our problems. Recent news report what happened to an ex-investment banker who shared confidential information saying he would pay off his mortgage with the deal.

Christopher Niehaus, former managing director in the investment banking division at Jeffries, shared confidential client information with a friend, who was also a client of the firm. The Financial Conduct Authority fined him £37,198. The information was shared in a period between January and May 2016. That’s what a statement of the financial watchdog said: “Mr Niehaus used the instant messaging application WhatsApp to share this information. The information was shared by Niehaus because he wanted to impress the people that he shared the information with.” During the disciplinary process Niehaus was suspended from Jeffries, and he decided to resign before it ended.

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