WhatsApp for Android: the new beta 2.12.285 introduces updates on video backup

whatsapp nuova beta per androidWhatsApp developers keep on working on the backup system (which is not exactly a strong point of the app) and now, with the latest beta 2.12.285 for Android smartphones, some new features have been introduced regarding the backup of the videos.

Along with some usual bug fixes and improvements, this new beta introduces the option to exclude videos from the backup, even on Google Drive. Obviously the objective of this new function is to save memory and band, giving the opportunity to create space. This feature may be particularly useful for backup cloud, since the videos often have a size greater than that of other media shared on WhatsApp. Unfortunately even this latest update has not yet introduced the ability to set the time of automatic backup, and many users are  looking forward to this important option.

If you wish to download the last beta of WhatsApp, you can find it as usual on the official website of WhatsApp. Being a beta, you can’t find it on the Google Play Store, where it will arrive once the stable version will be released, so you have to install it manually on your device. The most noticeable changes of  this new beta are in its APK, where 339 files were modified. In addition there are also 6 new files distributed among 4 distinct directories.

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Again, WhatsApp decided to add a substantial improvement first on Android devices which support this popular instant messaging app. And it doesn’t surprise us, considering the successful cooperation between Android (which is the mobile operating system more used in the world) and WhatsApp. If you give a look to recent statistics, you’ll discover that 73% of WhatsApp users access the app through Android.

With its 900 million active monthly users, and 64 billion messages sent every day, WhatsApp is certainly making a difference in the world of instant messaging, and we believe that WhatsApp still has many surprises in store for its users.


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