WhatsApp for Android: a new beta version of your favourite messaging app is available

Android new beta900 million monthly active users: this is the impressive current number of WhatsApp users. And if you are reading this article you very likely are one of them. It’s easy to understand why this instant messaging app is so popular: it’s free (at least for the first year) and with a lot of useful features like, for example, Voice Calling or Starred Messages. And that’s not all.

As you know WhatsApp runs on several kind of devices such as Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia Asha, and developers are always busy to keep them updated with new features. Today let’s see what comes with new beta version 2.12.348 of WhatsApp for Android devices and how to install it. This time the new version doesn’t bring any new features, but the good news is that some bugs have been fixed and the application is more stable.

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You can download and then install the APK of this latest beta from whatsapp.com/android. As usual, remember that in order to download the APK installation file you have first to enable the “Unknown Sources” option, located in your device’s Settings > Security (or Settings > Applications). Once you have completed this step you can go back  where you’ve saved the APK file and launch the installation by simply tapping on it. But today we are happy to give WhatsApp users other good news.

whatsapp banned In fact, according to the latest news the plan of the British Government to ban messaging services such as WhatsApp and iMessages will not be pursued anymore. You’ll probably remember that a few months ago David Cameron and Andrew Parker strongly recommended to stop those services due to terror threat.

After all the critics received it seems that the Government had to change idea, thanks also to the new legislation under which authorities have access to everything your devices do, and store the information for a year. Furthermore, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 already grants the Government the authority to access these information. So, enjoy your app, at least until they change their mind again

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