WhatsApp for Android: the Camera Interface has been finally revamped

whatsapp for android new camera interfaceToday we have a big surprise for those of you who use WhatsApp through Android devices (and it’s not an April fools). Over the past few months we’ve seen our beloved app going through several updates, major and minor, which have further improved WhatsApp quite a lot.So far one thing has always looked the same: the built-in camera. And now this feature is going to change as well, thanks to this new version 2.16.4 of WhatsApp for Android.

So, what changes? You won’t find anymore the big Holo-blue shutter button, the old flash and switch camera icons and the upper box Send to (Contact). These buttons and icons have been replaced by: a new white shutter button, new flash and switch camera icons, a roll of your most recent images. You can also find a small tip at the top that explains you how to take videos.

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And record a video couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is to hold the white coloured shutter button, which switches to red when the video recording starts. It’s even easier to stop recording: all you need to do is lift your fingers. Also the interface for sharing images or videos has been restyled. Now, instead of the big circular grey and white cancel and send icons, you have a new teal-coloured send button.

The caption box has been moved to the bottom of the screen, and now users will be finally able to see the complete image. That being said, let’s see where you can find these latest 2.16.4 and 2.16.5 beta versions of WhatsApp for Android (and, in case you are confused, yes, these numbers are correct: there has been a jump from version 2.12 to version 2.16. And that’s not an April fools too).

These two new versions are not yet on the Play Store’s official beta channel, but you can download them from the APK Mirror links. This is the one to the 2.16.4  version and this is the one to the 2.16.5 version.