WhatsApp for Android: the latest 2.17.148 update will make much easier to write your messages in bold, strikethrough and italics

BoldThe latest WhatsApp update is really going to help the app users to save time while they type their messages. Yes, with this latest 2.17.148 beta version of the app users will be able to use in an easier way an already existing feature, that has been hugely improved.

Let’s see what changes. Beta version 2.17.148 adds a special dropdown menu. Simply tapping the overflow button, users will be able to change their font automatically. All thanks to this floating toolbar. How does it work? It’s very easy. You just have to select the text you need to change and the replacement will be automatically applied.

This process is clearly much simpler then the current one. At the moment, if you want to make your text appear in bold, you have to type an asterisk before and after the world you want in bold. For italics, you have to use the underscore character before and after the word. And if you need to strikethrough a word, you need to type the tilde character before and after the word.

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However, this new useful feature feature is currently available only for Android users, those who are enrolled to the beta testing program. But, according to some rumours, the feature will soon be added to iPhones.

Needless to say, the addition of this new option makes it much easier to format your text, saving you precious time. Unfortunately, it is not clear when this latest feature will be released with a stable version of the app.

If the addition of this feature is important, we think that WhatsApp users will also be very happy to use another feature which is still in beta. We are talking about the emoji search option, which allows WhatsAppers to find immediately the emoji they need through a word or a character search.