WhatsApp for Android: the latest update adds Public Group Chat Links

wa per android invite linksAnother interesting update of WhatsApp is available for Android Beta Testers. This latest upgrade, number 2.16.281, along with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, adds a new feature that enables group admins to invite people to their group thanks to a new “invite to group via link” option that appears at the top of the contacts list. How does this new option work?

By tapping the new ‘Invite to group via link’ button, a unique link to the chat that can be shared with other contacts is generated. In addition, this special link can also be revoked. And users know that this option can come in handy if you want to stop people from joining the group. But this latest 2.16.281 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android brings another new feature. It is a new quick forward button for media, that enables WhatsApp users to easily share media to other conversations.

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This new icon (which has the shape of a curved arrow) appears next to links, pictures, videos, GIFs and other media, and allows Android users to forward them to another chat. How can you install this latest 2.16.281 Beta version of WhatsApp on your Android device? As usual, it is very simple. If you are a Beta Tester you simply have to grab your smartphone, open the Google Play Store, swipe in the display from the left side and then select ‘My Apps’. At this point just click on WhatsApp and then click on the ‘Update’ button.

If you live in Germany, today we have other news concerning WhatsApp, specifically about the controversial decision to share users’ data with Facebook. Recent news report that the Germany’s data protection commissioner has informed Facebook that it must stop collecting information on its users through WhatsApp. In addition, Facebook was also told to delete any data it has already received. What are the reasons behind this decision? The commissioner claimed that Facebook has not kept its promise made on 2014 to keep the data of the two services separate. According to the commissioner, Facebook should have asked the permission to WhatsApp users to collect their data, but it did not happen.

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