WhatsApp for Android: Material Design is now available on Play Store

material designNew surprises from WhatsApp. All the users of this famous app will be happy to know that Material Design finally arrives in the stable version of WhatsApp. In fact, the popular app released a new update, but not, as you may think, the version 3.0. Instead WhatsApp switches to version 2.12.74, bringing officially Material Design, the new interface, on Play Store.

Until now it was possible to use the latest interface only installing manually the APK available on the official website of WhatsApp, which was actually a public beta. So, this latest update brings WhatsApp Material Design out of the beta phase. However, it is still missing the backup function via Drive, already disappeared from some beta, thus making us think that, probably, it has been released as a test in one of the previous versions.

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It can happen that this new update is not yet available for your client, since updates occur gradually. In this case, it may be necessary to wait and be patient a few more days. It is a staged rollout, so if you do not receive it immediately don’t worry, this is normal. But if you do not want to wait any longer, you can download the latest APK from this link  since it is not yet available on the official website.

In other words, a real major release, albeit with a significant lack, which had raised Android users hopes to store their data on the storage service from Google. Feature postponed, we hope, in the coming updates, where we expect to see this feature introduced by default.

WhatsApp finally decided to introduce Material Design after thousands of requests and, compared to other applications, with a discrete delay. Material Design was first introduced by Google with Android 5.0 Lollipop toward the end of last year, and made 100% official with the release of Nexus and Nexus 9 6. So, with this latest update, also the most popular instant messaging client used in the world is finally “up to date”.