WhatsApp for Android: the Starred Messages feature is finally arrived

android starred messagesThe new WhatsApp beta version 2.12.338 for Android finally brings two new features which we are sure will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed. The first one, called Starred Messages, let you store your favourite messages (or the most important) so that you can view them later on. Actually this function is not completely new to WhatsApp users, since last month it was already introduced  to the iOS version of this popular instant messaging app.

So, how does the Starred Messages function work? To “star” a message you simply have to follows two steps: 1) long-press on the message you want to store, and then 2) just click on the star that appears above. In this way the message highlighted will be stored in a dedicated section where you can access it whenever you want just by tapping on the three dots displayed on the main screen of WhatsApp.

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This really is a useful feature that certainly will heelp you to keep order in your crowded chats. However you need to remember that when you delete a chat, the Starred Messages will be deleted as well. Beta version 2.12.338 didn’t come just with the new Starred Messages function. In fact there is also another hidden and not yet official feature.

If you open the app and go to Root > WhatsApp > Media you’ll discover a new file called “WhatsApp Documents”. What’s in it? Well, that’s a nice surprise. In this file you will find all the documents (pdf, doc and so on) exchanged with your contacts. What more? In this new beta version of WhatsApp for Android, 380 files have been modified, which could mean that new features will soon be introduced. So, if you want to download this latest APK file of WhatsApp version 2.12.338 for Android and install it on your device, click here: https://www.whatsapp.com/android/ and follow the usual procedure.