WhatsApp: new Beta version 2.13.11 available for Nokia Asha users

nokia asha beta 2 13 11Another Beta version of WhatsApp is ready to be downloaded. If you use this popular instant messaging application (one of the most used all over the world) with a Symbian 40 device (such as Nokia Asha, Nokia Asha 201 or Nokia C3) you’ll be glad to know that with version 2.13.11 WhatsApp developers have fixed some bugs and improved the stability of the application.

Furthermore you can notice another little but important change in this new version. In fact the size of the installation file (.jar) has been increased a little bit (11KB), so its size is now of 1928KB. Even if there is a lack in new features, it is always reassuring to see that WhatsApp developers are not dedicated only to the Android version of the application, and do their best to encounter the needs of users of other operating systems.

So, if you own a Nokia Asha smartphone and you wish to download this new beta version it is essential that you remember that, being a Beta, you won’t find WhatsApp version 2.13.11 on the Nokia Store (that is Opera Mobile Store). In fact, in order to download version 2.13.11, you will have to go on the official Android website at whatsapp.com/s40.

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Now that you’ve clear where to find this latest update, let’s see how you can download the installation file of WhatsApp version 2.13.11. To be honest, it couldn’t be easier, so don’t panic, you won’t waste much time. First of all, you have to download the 2.13.11 jar file on your Nokia Asha device. After that, you simply have to open it and start the installation process. After that the installation is completed, the last step you have to follow is to get your phone number verified, and that’s it, you have WhatsApp Beta version 2.13.11 on your smartphone.

As always happens with the Beta versions, it could happen that you find some other problems, but we’ve seen that in due time they will be fixed with the release of a new version.