WhatsApp: new Beta for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile

whatsapp windows phone 2 12 180 updateNew updates are available for those who use WhatsApp with Windows Phone and (in a few weeks) with Windows 10 Mobile devices. It has in fact just been released the new beta version 2.12.128 that introduces several new features. The first change allows users to select and change their status. The status list will be expanded by the user that can now quickly enter new status, which will be added to the list.

In addition the new beta brings a new option called Select Messages which is located in the top bar. Another improvement concerns ringtones, with the introduction of new sounds. The new tones are available for messages received when the app is running, and the user can decide to activate or disable them.

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Furthermore, it seems that developers have also solved the emoticons issue, which, after the update, should finally be displayed correctly. Talking about emoticons, you can now find also on Windows Phone devices the popular (and controversial) “middle finger” emoticon. Also, as it often happens with beta versions, version 2.12.128 fixes some bugs. As usual, this new beta version is currently available only for beta testers, but, we hope, should reach the store quite soon.

But WhatsApp is quickly growing, so has to look forward. That’s why today there are good news also for those eager to use WhatsAp on Windows 10 Mobile. In fact WhatsApp team should soon release a major updated version of the popular app specifically designed for Windows 10 Mobile. The new Windows OS should be launched in October, together with other devices which will help to use the platform in the best possible way.

Close to the threshold of one billion users (a few days ago was given the announcement that the milestone of 900 million monthly users has been achieved), WhatsApp does not sit on its laurels, and despite some setbacks keeps trying to provide its users the best possible service.