WhatsApp for BlackBerry: more features with the new beta

whatsapp per blackberryAs you surely know, WhatsApp is the most successful instant messaging application. Every day more people install this popular application on their smartphones and now, as a result, it is used by over 900 million people. It seems that WhatsApp is particularly popular among Android users, who really love this app, but, according to recent statistics, it seems that the number of WhatsApp users is growing also with other kind of devices.

Therefore, WhatsApp is available also for BlackBerry phones. WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 is a free application that lets you chat with your friends and family who use Android smartphones, iPhone and Windows Phone. Furthermore WhatsApp also allows you to send video and audio. In addition you can also use your favourite emoticons, exactly as you already do with BlackBerry Messenger.

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WhatsApp is constantly changing, and its developers keep on improving its functions and release regularly the updates they bring to the app. So, it is now available a new beta version for BlackBerry which introduces these features:

  • the ability to report spam when you receive individual messages from unknown contact;
  • you can now message contacts directly from contact card messages;
  • it has been added the “low data usage” setting for voice calls (to use it go to Settings – Media Settings – Call Settings);
  • you are now enabled to use the mute option on all chats (not just groups).

In addition, some bugs has been fixed. But immediately after this beta was released, another new one arrived. It is beta version This new beta version simply fixes some bugs and introduces some updates based on feedback from beta testers.

WhatsApp is available for free download from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If yuo are not able to see it, you need to launch the BlackBerry Beta Zone and then click on Programs-Eligible. After that you have to sign up clicking on “Join”. At this point, to download the update, you have to close the application and restart it.