Too many WhatsApp chats? Don’t panic, Chat Helper for WhatsApp is arrived

Chat helperIt seems that using WhatsApp is a common habit that won’t change over the new year. On the contrary. With its 900 million monthly active users, this popular app gets better and better with more new features and improvements. If you often use this instant messaging app to get in touch with your friends, family and colleagues and struggle to keep track of all your chats, you might consider using Chat Helper.

What is Chat Helper for WhatsApp? It is a new app created by an independent developer that through a widget shows you your unread messages. How does it work? You can see the widget while chatting with someone of your contact and, simply clicking on it, you’ll be able to see on a full screen the list of all your unread messages. Useful, isn’t it? If you need to go back to your current chat, you just have to tap on the “X” button.

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Furthermore, it is also quick to move from this screen and start a chat with any other contact. And that’s not all, because this app is really extremely easy to use. In fact, if while you are chatting with one of your contacts you need to access again to the previous chat, you simply have to tap on the back button. Where can you find Chat Helper for WhatsApp? We have already seen a couple of alpha versions of Chat Helper during the last few weeks, but now it has been officially released and it is available for the download on the Google Play Store.

Developed by a member of XDA (jagan2), this new app seems really helpful. For those using a device running with Android Marshmallow, there is a particular procedure to be followed in order to use Chat Helper correctly. In fact you need to remember to click “Always Allow” when the app asks the authorization to create widgets.

So, if you are convinced and you want to give it a try, click here and download Chat Helper. If you prefer to collect first more information about the app, you can join the development thread over XDA by clicking here.