Whatsapp for COMPANIES

Whatsapp for CompaniesWe all know that every modern Business needs a good way to promote and market itself to grow. And today many companies use Social media to promote their products. The advent of Whatsapp has transformed business communication to a great extent. Here below some interesting facts and tips & tricks on how to use Whatsapp for business purposes:
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Promotion and Advertisement of Companies
Whatsapp has become a good medium for endorsing new products or services. People send advertisement messages or video to a large number of people, creating a constant flow of viral communication. Businessmen can spread detail information about a product or service to certain individual of selected group or potential customers through Whatsapp. For example by giving freebies and special discount a company can engage consumers to adhere their private group and inform them on a regular basis as it happens with online Newsletter and blogs.

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Through Whatsapp one can also send digital images or video footage of their product or services to their potential clients. According to many businessmen it is a very good medium of keeping a good relationship with the businessmen and it’s free! By using Whatsapp you can also share also e-brochures of your services or e-books and catalogs to download.

WhatsApp for Engaging Customer in Business
For every business it is an important component to get a good engagement of customers. Through social networking websites many businesses tries to engage with their customers using Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter which allow a different approach on promotion. But Whatsapp is a medium that is totally personalized. You can directly contact a customer or business associates through it.

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Many people think that messaging can also be done by Short Messaging Service (SMS) but the conventional message does not allow you to send multimedia messages (apart from MMS) and, more than everything, with Whatsapp every message… it’s free!

Market Survey with WhatsApp
With the help of Whatsapp one can also conduct surveys of their business. Organizing surveys in business are a very good medium of improving products or services. You can ask for feedback about their likes and dislike of your product or service. This helps in making your product more transparent and user-friendly. You can also organize a group discussion with your employees, customers, suppliers or target audiences to create an (almost) real-time poll.

Whatsapp for Companies Team building
Whatsapp for Companies can also be used in offices or business places as a team building medium. Indeed there are very few individuals today who does not use smartphone and Whatsapp. By creating a group of business or office employees you can discuss with them about their work matters, meeting timing, office updates, new project schedules and deadlines. Through groups, messages can be easily spread to all the office members quickly and effortlessly. By creating a group including manager, boss, employees, team leaders you can communicate with employees of each level.

Whatsapp for Companies Event promotion
You can also use Whatsapp to inform people about new events and business meetings. If a company is organizing an event for the clients, associates or employees then through Whatsapp you can quickly inform them. If you want to invite others people too then you can do so by collecting new contacts and sending an invitation message. To make them comfortable and excited about your event you can also post updates and media contents of your upcoming program, through multimedia messages and pictures.

WhatsApp for Companies Productivity Gains
Whatsapp can be used as a great medium for gaining productivity of your business. As businessmen you can easily manage your marketing or sales team by messaging them anytime, anywhere. Whether they are residing in a remote area or town area. You can inform them instantly about any change or update of products, price etc. Whatsapp has unlocked the burden of checking e-mails all the time and made viral communication much smoother and effortless. So… Are you using it succesfully in your Company?

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