WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger: what is Zuckerberg planning for their future?

whatsapp and facebook futureOn Monday, during the last annual shareholder meeting, important decisions have been taken concerning both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. During the meeting it was Mark Zuckerberg in person who announced that there is no plan to merge these two popular services, saying: “We’re not planning on combining them,” and adding that “We think that the messaging space is incredibly important and very large, and what we’re seeing is that even in the countries where WhatsApp or Messenger are growing the fastest, the other one is also typically growing.” Zuckerberg has also explained the main differences between the two apps: “WhatsApp is much more utilitarian, it’s very basic and focused on just the feed and having a simple tool that people can use,” while Facebook, according to Zuckerberg, allows users to express their emotions and creativity in a better way.

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The fact that many people use both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger seems to confirm Zuckerberg’s opinion that it is better to keep them separate because “We think that the bigger opportunity to go after is to provide our community with both tools rather than try to combine them together and try to make it one size fit all.” Talking about the future of WhatsApp, Zukerberg also stated that “We’re starting stage two with WhatsApp and Messenger; maybe you message a restaurant for a reservation or you message a company with a question about their product,”.

During this latest Facebook’s annual general meeting, investors have also re-elected the company’s eight directors. Among them, it was quite controversial the re-election of Peter Thiel, LinkedIn co-funder, because of his open support of presidential candidate Donand Trump. During the meeting investors have also had the opportunity to ask some questions about the Company’s activities. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg has proven once again that the rumours about a possible change of ownership are completely false since he has firmly stated that he has no intention to resign using these clear words: “I will be involved in running Facebook for a very long time,”