WhatsApp: more new features

whatsapp callsThe next update of WhatsApp for iOS will introduce many new features. This popular instant messaging app keeps on changing, and here we already discussed some of these new features (for example the “mark as unread” one), but not all of them. Let’s see together what is changing.

WhatsApp on Apple Watch
Yes, it seems that finally WhatsApp will also be available on Apple Whatch. But, and maybe now many of you will be disappointed, it will not be the real application (which probably will arrive later) but just an integration that will allow you to read your messages directly on your Apple Whatch and that will also allow you to open the app on your iPhone.

WhatsApp Web
Now iOS users can use WhatsApp via Web as Android users already do. And with the next update also those who use an iPhone will be able to use WhatsApp through their computer.

A new graphical interphace
After a long period without significant improvements, now it is available a new graphical user interface, which uses the new Material Design introduced by Google.

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New fares
Even the fares will change. It seems in fact that now also iOS users will have to pay WhatsApp. Clearly the cost will be extremely low, perhaps 89 euro cent for one year, with the possibility of spending 2.69 for three years or 4.49 for five years. The convenience lies in not having to renew your subscription each year.

WhatsApp adds the options “mark as unread” and “like”
As we already mentioned, the next update includes the introduction of the “like” symbol and the possibility to archive a message as “unread”. It is not yet clear how it will be solved the problem of the double blue check marks that let the sender know that the message has been received and read.

New notification ringtones
Now you can mute your chats (so far you could do it only with group chats) and you can also customize the notification tones of each chat.

WhatsApp calling feature: new low data usage mode
Android, iOS and Windows Phone users can now use this much anticipated feature. The problem with WhatsApp Calling feature was that it consumed a lot, so it was necessary to enhance it and make it work even on low-band with 2G connections. It seems that WhatsApp is testing a new ‘Low Data Usage’ mode, which will clearly affect the quality of our calls.

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